Cycling the Reivers Route

Author: Rachel Crolla

Publisher: Cicerone Press Limited

Release: 2021-07-08

Total Pages: 128

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As remote as the Reivers Route at times feels – especially on Days 2 and 3 – amenities have a knack of being at just the right locations. WHO WERE THE REIVERS? Picture yourself living near the England–Scotland border 500 years ago.

The Reivers Way

Author: Paddy Dillon

Publisher: Cicerone Press Limited

Release: 2011-09-02

Total Pages: 160

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Thecoast (Day 9) features easy, low-level walking, despite the rugged little cliffsthat are often in view.Ina nutshell,the terrain alongthe ReiversWayis remarkably varied from dayto day. Daily Schedule The Reivers Way can be walked in.

Faulkner’s Reception of Apuleius’ The Golden Ass in The Reivers

Author: Vernon L. Provencal

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Release: 2020-07-09

Total Pages: 232

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Occurring in Yoknapatawpha County, Boon Hogganbeck, Lucius Priest and Ned McCaslin become 'reivers' by stealing away in Boss Priest's Winton Flyer for a trip to Memphis, Tennessee. 2a (Rii) tells of Boon's romance with the Winton Flyer; ...

The Reiver

Author: Glynnis Campbell

Publisher: Glynnis Campbell

Release: 2017-10-03

Total Pages:

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“'Tis a band o' reivers after your coos,” she told him. “What?” “Reivers have stolen your cattle.” He frowned. “Reivers? What reivers?” “Och, that I can't tell ye.” “Then how do ye know 'tis reivers and not—” “They're comin' again ...

A cosmos of my own


Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

Release: 1981

Total Pages:

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Nor , finally , am I more than incidentally concerned with refuting those reviewers and critics who found The Reivers , at best , an engaging entertainment for a juvenile audience , and , at worst , " a surrender to sententious banality ...

A William Faulkner Encyclopedia

Author: Robert W. Hamblin

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

Release: 1999

Total Pages: 490

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REIVERS , THE 319 another . Given these circumstances , the importance of the book as a selfconscious last statement poses a particular challenge to Faulkner readers , especially biographical critics . The comic vision of the novel is ...

Voice and Eye in Faulkner's Fiction

Author: Hugh M. Ruppersburg

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

Release: 2008-11-01

Total Pages: 204

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Narrative Perspective: Voice and Eye Retrospective character narrative, a more traditional form, occurs in The Unvanquished and The Reivers, where Bayard Sartoris and Lucius Priest relate events from their past lives.

The Reiver

Author: Mike Routledge

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

Release: 2020-11-28

Total Pages: 200

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... their legs, their hands, their feet, and every part of the their body, from the top of their head to the soles of their feet, before and behind, within and without. The Reivers' Curse Gavin Dunbar, Archbishop of Glasgow, 1525 ...

The Reiver's Cub

Author: Laura Strickland

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

Release: 2020-10-07

Total Pages: 348

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“Loyalty among reivers, who'd as soon slit each other's throats as blink?” “Loyalty between ye and me.” “Aye, so, and 'tis grateful to ye I am. Never doubt it.” The two men fell more peaceably silent. “I just hope,” Anald said then, ...

William Faulkner

Author: Cleanth Brooks

Publisher: LSU Press

Release: 1989-12-01

Total Pages: 500

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The Reivers . The way in which a man's psychology differs from a woman's comes in for elaborate though often humorous treatment . Much is made of the contrast between the quiet dignity , resilience , and wisdom of the Negro , and the ...